Tuesday September 02 , 2014

Greetings from Michael Bierylo

Greetings all,

The Electronic Production and Design Department at Berklee is home to faculty and students who are passionate about the creative manipulation of sound. We recognize that music is made from any sound we can hear or imagine. We welcome the latest technologies and explore practical applications of research in the field. As Chair, I look forward to promoting this work at the college and beyond, providing opportunities for our students to collaborate and learn from other musicians, artists, and industry professionals.

Music technology is a moving target and I look forward to the department embracing advances in game design, software development, and all aspects of computer music and video performance, along with innovative music production and sound design techniques. Technology has always led the way for enabling new ways for musicians to express themselves, and EPD students will "share the love" with students throughout the College.

Electronic music, which is at the core of our program, has had a short, but rich history. While new technology trends tend to disregard what precedes them, EPD looks to celebrate all avenues and vintages of electronic exploration. We look to both analog and digital systems, lo-fi and hi-fi, as important frameworks for compelling expression. Our students design software for iPads as well as hack speak-and-spells. They create thumping dance tracks as well as inspired interactive, audio-visual installations. They'll rock the house with sonic landscapes for video games and make kids laugh with goofy-sounding Saturday morning cartoons.

I've been part of the team that's been building all of this since I joined the department in 1995, and I'm just as excited by this work, if not more so, as the day I started. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with future generations of students and faculty colleagues as the EPD Chair.

Michael Bierylo
Chair, Electronic Production and Design

EP/D Offices Have Moved

We are pleased to announce that the EPD Faculty Office is moved to a newly renovated location:

Rm. 401, 161 Mass Ave (above the new Guitar Center)

Just in time for the first day of classes on Sep-10!

It has been 10 years since we were at the B10 basement location, so this move to a 4th floor office with windows and all new furniture and decor is a most welcome one.

We do hope that with this more comfortable environment, you would enjoy your visits to our office more.

The EPD Chair Michael Bierylo, all EPD faculty and myself will start using the new office as from Monday Sep-10.

Like many Berklee buildings, street level entrance can be accessed by tapping your Berklee ID card on the sensor lock.

Just in case you forget to bring your ID card, you can use the intercom to call us to buzz you in.

Please then take the elevator or the stairs to the 4th floor. During office hours on weekdays, our office door is open for you.

If I have stepped out and closed the door, you can use the telephone outside our door to call the teacher. We will post a telephone directory there for your convenience.  All our present telephone extensions remain unchanged.

As our studios and labs are in 150 Mass Ave., the EPD Director of Technology & Facilities Claire Steger and her team of lab monitors will remain at their offices in Rm. A87 and A78 in close proximity to the classrooms to provide you with our best service.

Welcome back to campus, and we looking forward to seeing you soon!

Joe Lynn
Electronic Production and Design - senior department assistant

Professor Michael Bierylo Finds New Sound in Berlin

EP/D professor Michael Bierylo featured on Berklee's website:

Electronic production and design professor Michael Bierylo's musical paradigm was dramatically challenged when he took the first sabbatical of his Berklee career and moved to Berlin to study the world of laptop performance. It was a natural result of changing his environment, and a process he embraced..

See the full article here.

Crossing Artistic Boundaries in Cuba

EP/D Students and Neil Leonard featured on Berklee's website:

The rigor of Berklee can sometimes lead to a sort of tunnel vision for students focused completely on their own instrument or major. But when Berklee's Interarts Ensemble, under the direction of Electronic Production and Design professor Neil Leonard, went to Cuba this month, they saw firsthand how strongly connected different types of music—and art—could be.

See the full article here.

Berklee in the Classroom

EP/D Faculty Neil Leonard and three students were featured on Berklee's website:

Berklee's Electronic Production and Design (ELPD) Department encourages students to explore the use of technology in the service of art. ELPD majors combine performance, composition, and orchestration with computer, synthesis, and multimedia technology, and often go on to careers in film or video game sound design, production, or performance. Our video team sat in on the Interactive Video Programming and Performance class, taught by professor Neil Leonard, where students create full sensory experiences—sometimes improvised on the spot. Watch the videos below to get a taste of the class and meet Leonard, department chair Kurt Biederwolf, and three students.

Check out the videos here.

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